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Sunday, August 20, 2017

DAILY DEAL: All WNY Radio returns to Mr. Goodbar

All WNY News     Sunday, August 20, 2017    
Today's Daily Deal marks a return of All WNY Radio to the Elmwood Strip as All WNY News & Radio presents Exham PrioryThe BarksdalesKickstart Rumble, and Lower Town Trio, live upstairs at Mr. Goodbar, Saturday, Sept. 23.

Tickets for the 21+ show are $7 at the door ... but you can get them for just $5 through the link below: 

It's a show you don't want to miss ... and with $5 tickets, you don't have to.

*** All WNY Deals is a program through All WNY News/Radio that allows businesses to pay for advertising with tickets or gift certificates. Buying your tickets through All WNY Deals helps those businesses, keeps All WNY News & Radio free, and saves you money -- all at the same time. For more details, click here. ***

Friday, August 18, 2017


All WNY News     Friday, August 18, 2017    

Ok, gonna run at this. First off, I am a pretty caring guy and try my best to help anyone who needs it. However, sometimes I get run a little thin. Ya know that old saying nice guys finish last, well that is not always true. Still deciding if that's the case here. Some of the changes going on here are pretty dramatic and they did not come without a lot of thought.. First off I am a brand, a business if you will. I can't simply just give of myself any more and allow myself to be crapped on. Yeah I'm gonna say it.. This year has been personally rough, some of you know what I am talking about. Bottom line, I am that damn good and it is about time I nut up and just call it out. Photography. Despite personal choices and people's opinion's, I think it can be said that I am pretty skilled. I myself consider myself to be the best in the area, considering the oversaturated market of photographers here in WNY. Is it a bold statement, fuck yeah it is. Is it Cocky. Yep. But Kid Rock Said, " it aint braggin Mo Fo if you can back it up".  I can and do. 

With that said, People please don't ask me to do things for free. I will decide if it is worth my time to do something charitable. Just like you have the choice to pick your photographer I have choices too.. I always say, I WOULD RATHER BE SOMEONE'S SHOT OF WHISKEY, vs. EVERYONE'S CUP OF TEA.  Laying that on the table, let's just disclose this and be honest about it. My time is precious and it is war I have had to fight for years. I work long hours and do not have much downtime. This year however, I have been going real hard. THis weekend right here was supposed to be a day where I could just relax. That aint happening!  Over the last week, I have been working on a plan. Steps have been taken, and changes have been made to ensure that my long term goals as a photographer have been reached. Let's see if it works.  In today's world you have two ways to reach people. One is word of mouth and the next is the internet. Word of mouth is great, however it does lead to some problems in my world. Talent is talent right, and when you do a good job for a client, it can and does lead to deserved word of mouth business. In my case well not to many people know what I am capable of especially in this demographic. THat's gonna change. Mark these words.   THis is also gonna change, I will no longer allow people to lowball me.  Another big step is image sales. Anyone I work with will have the options to pick a huge selection of photo products right from my web site. Believe me it's a big deal, and yes the product list is huge.  I am also going to start charging a small fee for digital downloads. Hey I have a website to maintain, and all this greatness costs a few bucks, so for anyone pissed off about this, suck it up. It's not like I am making a million dollars here. It's simply enough of fee to maintain my website and bring you the best photography and photographer BAR NONE... 

If you wanna know about personality, because it seems to be so huge these days when choosing a photographer... Here it goes. I am driven. You expect me to produce and I will. I am a nice guy but don't have a lot of room for bullshit. I appreciate a good joke, and enjoy seeing you coached into a great image.  My big interest in imagery is simply headshots and sports interests portraits... I do weddings but I don't like to because although everyone can afford a seven hundred dollar cell phone, they can't afford top notch photography. Fuck that, The amount of work that goes into a wedding is time consuming and what is this about anyway? doing shit for free because I am a nice guy. No... Well yeah I am a good guy, but like I said my time is precious and If I am going to give my time it will come at a cost. People can read this and say, what an asshole. I'm good with that. However I do not need to be everyone's friend, to produce the type of imagery I am known to produce. Choices people. We all have them and we all make them.

You want the standard everyday stuff go get it, You want an experience and a frame that will wow the viewer than I am your guy. 

Let's talk headshots. THis is the fastest growing type of imagery in photography today. Producing a top notch headshot is a process and it is not as simple as you stepping in front of a camera and having a photographer push the shutter. I have the skills and training needed to produce the images that capture just who the hell you are, and the goal here is to have you leave my crappy little studio saying, holy shit,, I cant believe thats me. This is what I do people, and until you step in and experience it for yourself you can only see what I release on social media channels. I promise you this. You will see your transformation as I capture your first shot and coach you to an epic portrait of just who the hell you really are.  

Just saying people, wanna experience it. Book a session. Other wise go for the norm. 

As I share thoughts here, I am gonna wrap it, and say, Yes, 2017 has sucked a dead moose's ass. On a bright note. THe events of this year have lead to me stepping my game up, and producing some of my best images to date. All I can say to anyone is want something unique, all you gotta do is contact me. It's that simple people. 

Here is a few shots for you to study, and take note, Color, sharpness, expression, emotion, composition. Things that are more important in photography than just say a damn stupid snapshot. 



blantonsbourbon-005blantonsbourbon-005 TREVOR-040-2TREVOR-040-2Trevor's Dramatic headshot JALIN MUSTANG PRIDEJALIN MUSTANG PRIDE SARG


Thursday, August 17, 2017

ALERT: Paladino removed from Buffalo School Board

All WNY News     Thursday, August 17, 2017    

ALBANY -- Carl Paladino will no longer be a member of the Buffalo Board of Education, according to the school board's attorney.

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia made the announcement of the ruling this morning, declaring that his disclosure of private information from a school board executive session warranted his removal from the elected position. The Buffalo developer had already been under fire for what many considered racist comments about former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Paladino had previously said that he would appeal any ruling against him.

Today's forecast: Scattered showers, thunderstorms with a high near 83

All WNY News     Thursday, August 17, 2017    

The National Weather Service calls for scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon with a high near 83 and an overnight low around 71.

Friday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 78 and a low around 67. Saturday offers a chance of showers with a high near 76 and a low around 63. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high near 78 and a low around 66.

Monday looks to be sunny with a high near 82 and a low around 68. Tuesday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 82 and a low around 66. Wednesday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 77.

GURNETT: Rifts album is a strong first effort

All WNY News     Thursday, August 17, 2017    

After spending a little over a year on the Buffalo scene, The Rifts were named "Best Original Rock Band" at the 2016 Buffalo Nightlife Music Awards. Now, to kick off their second year, the band has released their first EP, Off the Rails. It’s a very strong first effort on a technical scale, from top to bottom. Creatively, however, the band has some things they need to work on. Formed in March of 2016, the Buffalo-based The Rifts -- Cory Clancy (lead guitar), Brendan Hoare (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ryan Donohue (bass) and Dylan MacDonell (drums)-- got their start in Fredonia. The five-song Off the Rails has a late 80’s/early 90’s blues-rock sound (think Aerosmith of that era). The opening track, “Twelve,” is a perfect example of this. The performances are solid, with the band providing an energetic, upbeat vibe, but the band doesn’t really do anything to set themselves apart from their influences. The chorus hook is catchy enough, but it’s really just a basic blues progression with some overly simplistic lyrics. (“Showtime/Here I go/and I wish you all the best/but I hope that door hits you/cuz I know you’re just part of the rest.”) The lyrics remain a problem throughout the EP. “Letdown” is the kind of song you’d imagine coming off an early 90’s Motley Crue record. It starts with single snare drum hits, using that quintessential late 80’s hard rock reverb sound. “Burn Out” has a slick, Stone Temple Pilots feel. Generally, the chord changes and songwriting structures feel stale and boring. Every song even has the genre’s mandatory guitar solo that is, by all technical accounts, excellent but predictable. The rhythm section is solid, with the drums sounding clear and precise, and the bass having interesting walking parts and a nice chunky, low tone that stands out from others in the genre. Hoare has a nice vocal range reminiscent of 90’s mainstays like Stone Temple Pilots and the Toadies. That said, in addition to the rudimentary lyrics (“I stopped trying to make sense of things I’ll never understand/It’s hard for me to say when things don’t go as planned”), which are cheesy more often than not, my biggest problem with the vocals is the rhythm and melody. Hoare sounds like a high school singer who hasn’t taken the time to really think through his vocal parts. The songwriting feels rushed, like he’s trying to squeeze in more words than he has time for or that fit rhythmically. Sometimes things like this can be fixed by using simple contractions (i.e. “he’s” instead of “he is”); other times a quick perusal of a thesaurus offers a solution. I always tell young musicians to practice songwriting the same way you would an instrument. It’s a skill, a muscle, that needs to be exercised. The Rifts’ music could stand on its own, if the vocals were truly something special, but right now they’re not. These guys are quality musicians and I think they have the potential to make some really good music. Off the Tracks is an encouraging start, but there is room for improvement when it comes to songwriting. If the group puts more time and effort into their songwriting, The Rifts should be able to find what makes them truly unique and grasp it.
On a somewhat unrelated note, I can’t help but mention that Off the Tracks’ cover uses the exact same artwork as Mr. Big’s 1991 album Lean Into It, which you may remember from the #1 hit “To Be With You.” Off the Rails actually reminds me of Mr. Big -- coincidence? You can check out The Rifts at and

Ryan Gurnett has a B.S. in Music Industry from The College of St Rose. He has worked as a studio engineer, live sound engineer, producer and sound editor and has been a musician for 25 years. He is currently the bassist for The Lady, or the Tiger?. Email him at or find him on Twitter @SirWilliamIdol.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bisons grab 5-4 extra innings win over Indians

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

Bisons catcher Danny Jansen and lefty pitcher Brett Oberholtzer packed a 1-2 punch in a 5-4 victory over Indianapolis that went to the tenth inning on Wednesday night at Coca-Cola Field.

Jansen contributed to the first two Herd scores to begin the game in the second and fourth innings respectively. To open the second, Teoscar Hernandez batted a line drive single to center field. Jansen stepped up to the plate shortly after and drilled an RBI double to left field to put the Herd up a run. Then in the fourth, the Herd catcher opened the inning with another double to left field. After a single from Shane Opitz and a groundout from Gregorio Petit, Jansen made his way home to make the score 2-0.

Oberholtzer produced his fifth straight quality start and came close to eight shutout innings for the Bisons before surrendering two runs with one out left. The southpaw tossed 111 pitches with 70 of them hitting the strike zone and also threw four strikeouts. In his past five appearances, Oberholtzer threw for 33.2 innings and allowed just eight earned runs (2.14 ERA in that span).

The Herd added a pair of runs in the seventh inning to try and lock up the ballgame. Roemon Fields wheeled himself all the way home from first thanks to a single from Michael Saunders and Saunders reached home through a Rowdy Tellez ground-rule double.

Indianapolis used the eighth and ninth innngs to string together a four-run comeback effort. After the pair Oberholtzer gave up in the eighth, Jacob Stallings and Kevin Newman batted in a single and double respectively to tie up the ball game. The Herd put the game away in the the tenth with Jon Berti pinch-running after a Rowdy Tellez single. The Indians' Edgar Santana then threw a wild pitch with Hernandez at the plate to bring Berti in scoring position at second. Hernandez followed that up with a walk-off single on a grounder to center field to seal the game.

Chris Smith relieved Oberholtzer for 1.1 innings before giving up the game tying runs. Murphy Smith breezed through a clean final inning to keep the Herd's winning hopes alive.

Buffalo has one more game in this series with Indianapolis at 1:05 p.m. on Thursday. Joe Biagini (0-1, 5.68 ERA) will look to get the Herd a series win from a top the mound. Tyler Glasnow (8-0, 1.57 ERA) will try to improve on his undefeated record for the Indians.

BISONS NOTES: Roemon Fields tallied another stolen base tonight to move his season total to 37, two away from Dave Roberts' total in 2000. As a team, Buffalo added three stolen bases on the night to tie that same Dave Roberts led team at 143...Danny Jansen collected his fourth multi-hit game since his promotion to the Bisons. He has hits in every single game as well...The Bisons have won 10 of their last 16 games.

Building a Healthy Buffalo: A community panel and open dialogue

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

New York State's highest rate of cardiovascular disease is found in Erie County, and three out of five of the county's residents will develop a chronic illness, such as diabetes or cancer, in their lifetime.

While these numbers are discouraging, it is possible to move toward the goal of a healthier region by supporting walkable communities. Walkable communities give equal consideration to pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized modes of travel and can promote both physical and mental health. They also encourage social engagement and civic involvement, which have been linked to longer, healthier lives.

On Saturday, the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and its many partners will be hosting an interactive panel discussion and community dialogue on how to improve community health through the built environment. Topics of conversation will include local health disparities, street design & architecture's impact on health behaviors, and steps taken to enhance the built environment in the City of Buffalo.

Featured panelists include Dr. Kate Kraft, Executive Director of the national advocacy organization America Walks!, Steven Stepniak, Commissioner of Public Works in the City of Buffalo, Kelly Dixon, Principal Planner at GBNRTC, and Joy Kuebler, local landscape architect.

The free event will be hosted by Hotel Henry Urban Resort and Conference Center. Doors will open at 8:30 AM and the panel discussion will run from 9 - 11 a.m. Refreshments will be provided. All attendees will receive a copy of the Wellness Institute's new Healthy Neighborhoods Walkability Assessment toolkit! After the panel discussion, a relaxing complimentary 30-minute wellness walk will be offered to showcase the grounds of the historic H. H. Richardson Complex.
While the event is free and open to the public, we ask that individuals/organizations planning to attend register through the corresponding EventBrite page (Building a Healthy Buffalo!) as space is limited.

Originally posted by Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine . Republished with permission.

PODCAST: ThinkSoJoe Show for Aug. 16, 2017

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

A condensed ThinkSoJoE Show features music from the four bands that will be taking the stage Saturday at Stamps for John Stamos' birthday celebration. 

PODCAST: Cory Comments On ... Phobias

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

Cory let's listeners in on his deepest secrets: What's Cory afraid of?

WNYers to attend James Madison University

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

HARRISONBURG, VA (08/16/2017)-- James Madison University is excited to welcome the class of 2021 to campus this month. The incoming freshman class represents an accomplished, diverse group of individuals who hail from 35 states, the District of Columbia and 10 countries around the world.
The following students from your area are in the JMU class of 2021.

  • Emma Fantuzzo of Pittsford, whose major is History - BA.
  • Jenna Vierhile of Fairport, whose major is Nursing - BSN.
  • Ryan Fox of Penfield, whose major is Accounting - BBA.
  • Lily Landi of East Amherst, whose major is Undeclared.
  • Laura Bowman of Fairport, whose major is Marketing - BBA.
  • Caitlyn Meyer of Williamsville, whose major is International Business - BBA.
  • Ryan Maring of Penfield, whose major is Computer Science - BS.

James Madison University offers each student a future of significance -- not an education of mere prestige, but an extraordinary education of exceptional scholarship, inventive thinking, unparalleled attention to the world community, a university-wide enthusiasm for teaching, and a commitment to student success.

SUNY Chancellor-elect Kristina Johnson tours Buffalo State

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

BUFFALO -- SUNY Chancellor-elect Kristina Johnson toured the Buffalo State campus Wednesday, taking in the newest campus facilities and hearing about the college’s latest initiatives from Buffalo State President Katherine Conway-Turner.

The president and Steve Shaffer, Buffalo State’s facilities planning manager, led Johnson through the newly renovated Science and Mathematics Complex and Caudell Hall, along with the $36.5 million Technology Building that opened in fall 2013. All three buildings offer students state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, smart classrooms, and beautiful meeting spaces.

Johnson's background as an engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor dovetailed nicely with the facilities she saw—from the demonstration kitchen in Caudell Hall to the fabric printer in the Technology Building.

During the tour, she spoke easily about her love of making strawberry-rhubarb pie, her experience doing research as an undergraduate, and her interest in creating a line of microfiber clothing.

In April, Johnson was named the 13th chancellor of SUNY following Nancy Zimpher’s decision to step down. Johnson will officially assume her new position on Tuesday, September 5.

The founder and chief executive officer of Cube Hydro Partners LLC, which develops hydroelectric generation facilities that provide clean energy to communities and businesses throughout the country, Johnson was appointed U.S. undersecretary of energy by President Barack Obama. She also has served as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Johns Hopkins University; dean of the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University; and professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

In addition, Johnson holds 42 U.S. patents. Her inventions include a camera that can detect cancerous or precancerous cells and 3-D technology used in films and television.

“What a pleasure to share an overview of Buffalo State with Chancellor-elect Johnson today,” said Conway-Turner. “It was exciting to showcase some of our newly renovated and developed facilities and to discuss our evolving Academic Commons. It was a wonderful visit and it was great sharing with her our mission, passion, and commitment to educating urban-engaged students.”

Marie R. DiPalma -- Aug. 13, 2017

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    
Marie R. DiPalma of Naples FL, formerly of Buffalo NY, entered into rest August 13, 2017.

Beloved wife of the late Andrew H. DiPalma.  Daughter of the late Mary (nee Ippolito) Anthony Copley.  Daughter in Law of the late Felice & Luisa Di DiPalma of Naples, Italy.  Loving sister of the late Louis (Lee) Copley.  Survived by her 11 loving children; Andrew (Madonna), Louise, James (Beverly), Marc, Susan Delotto (Richard), Giuseppe, Robert (Cindy), Felicia, Giovanni, Paul, and Lisa. Adored by 17 grand-children and the late Maxwell A. DiPalma, and 9 great-grand children. Beloved by over 40 nieces and nephews and their children.

Relatives and friends may visit the LOMBARDO FUNERAL HOME (Northtowns Chapel) 885 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst near Eggert/Sheridan Dr. on Friday from 4-8PM.  A mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Rose of Lima Church, 500 Parker Ave., Buffalo on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock. (Please assemble at church).  Interment in Naples, FL and Forest Lawn Cemetery of Honored War Veterans Lot 874 (So. Half) Section 28. Marie is honorary Matriarch of the Little Italia Neighborhood and Antico Food Company. Her legacy of Italian food and culture will be preserved for generations since her families immigration from Italy.  Ti Amo Siempre from all your loving children.

Island Park to show The Princess Bride

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

Today's forecast: Partly sunny with a high near 76

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    

The National Weather Service calls for partly sunny skies today with a high near 76 and a low around 62.

Thursday, there's a chance of showers with a high near 80 and an overnight low around 70. Friday: Occasional showers and possibly a thunderstorm with a high near 78 and a low around 66. Saturday will be partly sunny with a high near 77 and a low around 63.

Sunday looks to be mostly sunny with a high near 80 and a low around 64. Monday will be sunny with a high near 82 and a low around 67. Tuesday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high near 84.

BALABAN: Maybe all of us are hypocrites?

All WNY News     Wednesday, August 16, 2017    
Most of us know the phrases that deal with opinions and assumptions. Opinions are like our rears; everyone has one and they all stink. And to assume is to, well, you know.

We are roughly three-quarters of a year post-election, and people's opinions and assumptions are becoming more and more blurred with the actual - not "fake" - news of the day. Among the loudest and most recognizable of these are from celebrities, many of whom are sports figures.

If anyone has been on any social media platform and seen such comments from professional athletes or the people who cover them, then the odds are quite good that the idiotic comment, "Stick to sports!" has been seen or heard. It's far too common a refrain from a public that would rather bury its collective head in the sand. And it is said to athletes and reporters alike.

Admittedly, I follow politics and the goings on in D.C. about as often as I look at the sun. When issues that interest me do arise I do my best to educate myself before taking a side. Normally, I fall somewhere in the middle. I'm not an extremist on either side, for to be one would remove the possibility of rational discourse. Those who fall on an extreme side both annoy and sadden me, as I question how and why they became that way.

Meanwhile, as Americans, we all have the right to our opinion, and here's one that should at least be considered: If a high-profile athlete (basically, any one in any of the four major sports) wants equality and no hate, then what does it mean if none of the four major sports have any openly gay players at the highest level?

America is "woke" in 2017, is it not? (Did I use the word right? I hope so. Half the buzzwords in the news today make my head hurt.) I find it a statistical impossibility that none of the more than 3,500 professional athletes in the four major sports are homosexual. The four leagues condemn hate speech and even suspend players for using slurs of any phobic nature.

However, a brief discussion with a few friends of mine led to the following conclusion: if an athlete were to come out, his career would be over. We need to ask why?

Look at the athletes who have come out and the impact they have had. Jason Collins and Michael Sam were hailed as heroes by many, but I feel their impact was quickly forgotten. Collins played in a few NBA games after coming out, with few but diehard fans remembering what kind of impact he had on their result. Sam was actually drafted after coming out, but failed to play a regular season game in the NFL and wound up playing in the Canadian league.

One NFL general manager suggested prior to the 2014 draft that Sam's stock would drop because he had made his sexuality public. Meanwhile, I'd put up even odds that if that same GM had a chance to sign an all-star linebacker charged with domestic abuse, he'd do so in a heartbeat. That makes zero sense because chances are any of us who had a criminal history who applied to work at just about any fast food place would be turned away. So by that logic, your local burger joint is more selective than, say, the Dallas Cowboys.

I guess what I'm ultimately wondering is, why all the mixed messages?

Who and what do we want to be as a people?

Our military historically has been made up of some of the bravest souls to ever walk this earth. And the men and women who constitute it protect our rights. They may disagree with what you have to say, but they will defend to the death your right to say it.

But again, where is the line drawn?

Non-violent protests, if they lead to conversations about how to better society, should be welcome. Non-violent protests in which the lead protester does not participate in change should be rightfully criticized. Yes, I'm referring to currently unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who infamously took a knee during the National Anthem all of last football season to protest...something. His message was lost on many when he decided to deify Fidel Castro while in Miami. He had a point in his original protest in that there are some bad apples in law enforcement.

You know what, though? There are bad apples in every job. Every. Job.

There are those in the media who will craft stories around certain narratives and lead the public to believe Point A when in actuality the story is really about Number 22 and the end result should be questioning Point C. It's a misdirect, and far too many in the mainstream media are guilty of it. The blessing of 24-hour news is that we are able to see stories as they unfold, but the curse of that is we (viewers, readers, reporters on the scene, anchors in the newsrooms, etc.) fall victim to believing what is first reported, when in reality the facts of the story may change multiple times before the real truth comes out. And by then it is too late.

For instance, a swastika was painted on a dugout in Wellsville, NY shortly after the election. The picture of it went viral as quickly as one could imagine. You know what didn't go viral though? The story of how the grotesque symbol was gone within hours thanks to a small group of citizens in the small community who showed through their actions how they know right from wrong.

Again, though, the picture of the swastika was all anyone could talk about. Painted by a coward, probably under cover of night. But the do-gooders who painted over it? Forgotten. Or worse yet, largely ignored. Social media erupted in a fury over the first symbol. The actions of the citizens who corrected their community's embarrassment were met with applause equivalent to that of a crowd consisting of a single mouse. You could make a solid case the reaction to the graffiti was underreported because it didn't fit the mainstream media's narrative du jour. I won't argue with you.

The point here is that change starts in our own backyard. All the -isms and -phobias are not inherent. They are taught. They are learned. And we should question those with high profile platforms how they are helping to bring about change on a larger scale.

At the same time, we must be careful to let the pendulum swing so far in either direction that an "all or nothing" mentality develops. I'm reminded of a line in of all things, Pixar's "The Incredibles." The beauty of America is in its diversity. We have people of all races, creeds, and colors. Some of us work harder to be better, meaning that not everyone is excellent, a fact seemingly forgotten. The villain in The Incredibles said, "With everyone super, no one will be."

Howie Balaban is a stay-at-home dad who loves sports and pop culture, aside from their hypocritical tendencies. He is a regular contributor to Niagara's Water Cooler

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