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AMHERST TIMES: Few endorsed candidates know what day it is

Amherst Times

I have met several of the people running for seats in Amherst. I started with candidates running for the Amherst Town Board. There is much more I have to do to really understand their objectives for running for the Amherst Town Board.

Many of the reasons given were as old as the black snow left on a pile white snow as winter dies.  Nothing said by the candidates I spoke to was exciting, out of the box, or original.

I was surprised with one Republican candidate who, at a young age, seems to have developed some sort of dementia. It's clear her memory is fading, probably due to the many political hats she is wearing.  She makes promises and doesn't follow through.  She has been in the political game for quite a while and should know better than to be untruthful when making statements.

As the election grows closer I feel all of these candidates will be thinking of what they really plan to do to help our town.  Several of the candidates as I talked to do not have any idea what the real problems of Amherst are.  I hope others will jump in and primary these losers.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.