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AMHERST TIMES: How power has corrupted Democratic chairman, Jeremy Zellner


Could these two men be twins?

Jeremy Zellner, the leader of the Democratic Party, is using people in different parties trying to convince them to vote Democratic.  What he has been doing has become common knowledge.

Zellner has used this method to control other parties in the past.  He has done quite a bit to achieve his aim.  The promises he's made to these infiltrators are corrupt and he must be stopped.  His promises include offering some a job, political positions, and a chance to run for office,
Zellner and the Dems must be punished for this type of infiltrating of other political parties.  The deals he's given to leaders of opposition parties might be, at some level, a criminal violation. It's certainly a corruption of the political process.  It hardly seems the Democrats, who are the dominant local political party, should be invading other political parties.  What business do the Dems have in sabotaging and subverting the other political parties?  I feel we should nail them.

Jeremy Zellner wants to gain power through which he can control all of Erie County.  He must be studying how other tyrants rise then fall on their faces.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.