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Buff State alternative break engages students in service


The Buff State Alternative Break program is a student-led program offered by the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center. Its mission is to engage student-led teams with community organizations so that students learn about social justice issues and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

During this year’s spring break, 20 Buffalo State students took advantage of the opportunity and traveled to partner sites around the country.

One group, led by Kyle Messina and Meredith Lyons as student site leaders, traveled to Boston, Massachusetts. The trip was designed to help students understand the root causes of homelessness while taking part in hands-on projects with the Oasis Coalition, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and Room to Grow

The other students who went to Boston are Darren Booker, Lillyann Cummings, Shadaya Dixon, Alec Eichelkraut, Olivia Harbol, Michelle Karimova, Raeann Materise, Deanna McNair, and Kayla Snook.

The second group, led by Cheyenne Smith as student site leader, traveled to Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia. They helped to mark the park's boundaries to protect plants and animals that live within the park. The trip was designed to help students understand the importance of environmental conservation and stewardship.

The other students who went to Virginia are Shafeeqah Ahmed, Emily Bradosky, Julia Brennan, Megan Ess, Caitlyn Heffler, Erin Lasky, Andrea Marinaccio, and Daniel Swiatek.

In May, 10 students will travel to New Orleans to volunteer at several agencies to deepen their understanding of the root causes of barriers to food access for the alternative summer break.