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Ortt 'deeply disappointed' with budget extender, blames Democrats

ALBANY -- State Sen. Rob Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, issued a statement today saying the decision to extend the current 2016-17 budget is the "bare minimum" of what citizens expect and blaming the delay on a full budget on Democrats.

Ortt's statement follows in its entirety:
I'm deeply disappointed in today's passage of a budget extender. Importantly, the budget extender allows the state to continue government operations at last year's funding levels to ensure that critical services are provided. But that's the bare minimum of what citizens expect out of their government and should never be the expectation of achievement.  
While it may resonate with their liberal base, the focus of our state's Democrats needs to be on what we need to do here in New York as opposed to what's happening in Washington, DC. Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans aren't in charge of New York; the Governor and Legislature are in charge and we need to act like it. 
The reason we do not have a budget is simple - Democrats are choosing to stand with violent offenders and criminals over public safety and hardworking New Yorkers.
Because of that, individuals with disabilities won't get additional services they need, our schools and roads won't receive critical aid increases, and our economy will continue to suffer without ride-sharing services and workers' compensation reform.