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Ortt is 'generally pleased' with budget deal


ALBANY -- State Sen. Rob Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, today issued a statement regarding the New York State 2017-2018 Budget agreement saying he is "generally pleased" with the compact that was approved by the senior legislative body tonight.

The Assembly approved the deal on Saturday.

Ortt says the deal "delivers for our state and our region and rejects radical policies." His full statement follows:

“While the drawn-out budget process was nothing to tout, I’m generally pleased with the final outcome of the actual budget. This budget delivers for our state and our region and rejects radical policies. We’re prioritizing our local economy as we make critical investments in agriculture, reform a broken workers’ compensation system to help small businesses and injured workers, and bring ride-sharing services to a region that demands it. We’re delivering for Upstate communities with record investments in infrastructure like roads, bridges, and water while ensuring our schools and colleges get the funding they deserve. We’re helping middle class families with much-needed tax cuts and assistance with crippling child care and tuition costs. Finally, we’re taking care of our most vulnerable with historic assistance for individuals facing mental health crisis, workers and families caring for the disabled, and drug prevention and recovery programs. Because of our work, this budget importantly omitted contentious progressive proposals championed by the Governor, Assembly Democrats, and New York City special interest groups. We eliminated the DREAM Act so that taxpayers would not foot the bill for illegal immigrants’ college tuition. We held strong to ensure that “raise the age” policies favor public safety and victims over violent felons. And we rejected ill-conceived tax hikes on hard-working families and businesses because they already pay far too much. This is a responsible budget that will help to improve the lives of all New Yorkers and make Western New York a better community to live, work, and raise a family.”