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Rochester man sentenced for bank robbery


ROCHESTER -- Acting U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy Jr. announced today that Luis Osorio, 27, of Rochester, was sentenced to 63 months in prison for bank robbery. Osorio was charged in June, 2014 along with his younger brother Abraham Osorio, Laquan Ealey and Jeffrey Steadman-Loyd, all of Rochester.

Prosecutors say that the defendant participated in the planning and execution of the June 7, 2014, robbery of the Chase Bank located at 2900 Dewey Avenue in Rochester. Co-defendants Abraham Osorio and Laquan Ealey entered the bank and walked up to a teller station. Ealey was wearing a baseball cap, gloves, and black hair extensions. Abraham Osorio had a red baseball cap and sunglasses. Ealey passed a note to the teller that stated, "Give me all the money or everyone dies in here." Ealey then told the teller, "Give me all your money or everyone here will die, I have a gun." The teller handed Ealey an amount of money and the defendants exited the bank, driving away in a 2002 blue Ford Explorer. The robbery was recorded on bank surveillance cameras. Ealey and Abraham Osorio later met up with Luis Osorio and the three men divided the proceeds of the robbery.

A week later, on June 14, 2014, Luis Osorio, Abraham Osorio, Laquan Ealey and Jeffrey Steadman-Loyd attempted to rob the Citizens Bank at 230 Waring Road in Rochester.  Luis Osorio and Jeffery Steadman-Loyd were observed by police in the blue Ford Explorer with Abraham Osorio and Laquan Ealey. The four men initially drove by the bank then stopped several block away, at which time Luis Osorio was observed to exit the Explorer with a screwdriver in hand and replace the vehicle’s two license plates with fake plates. The four men then drove back and parked next to the bank. Fearing that the men were about to rob the bank, Rochester Police patrol cars approached the Explorer and engaged their emergency lights. The defendants sped away, leading police on a car chase over approximately five city blocks. During the effort to flee, the Explorer struck a police vehicle. When the Explorer finally came to a stop, Abraham Osorio was the driver, Luis Osorio was the front passenger, and Ealey and Steadman-Loyd were in the back seat.

Police searched the Explorer and found, among other items, black hair extensions, several hats and caps, several pairs of sunglasses, a screwdriver and the two license plates which Luis Osorio had earlier replaced with fake plates.

In addition to his 63 months in prison, Luis Osorio was ordered to pay restitution to Chase Bank in the amount of $3,278. The three other defendants were also convicted.  Laquan Ealey was sentenced to 66 months in prison and Jeffrey Steadman-Loyd 24 months in prison. Abraham Osorio is awaiting sentencing.