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SARGENT: The Ice Man


OK, two posts in one day... As stated Moving forward and we who survive must go on. So, as of late I simply have not felt like shooting. However the desire caught me by surprise and I reached out for some subjects on my facebook page. One subject I wanted was a hockey player, and what I received was a 9 year old rockstar. Ethan came into studio and I knew right away that he was gonna nail it. As he put on his gear, I set the lighting up to fit his frame, and as I suspected, it did not take him long to show me just who he was. I love seeing the reactions and the smiles when I show people the captures on camera. I also love it when the subject puts his game face on in front of the lens. All I can say, is I was a fan of this kid from the first shot. Ethan you rock buddy. Thank you for allowing me to capture the frames. I also want to thank Scott and Sara for making this all happen.

Summary, Fire is lite and Ethan NAILED IT!!!!