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Selection committee chooses Canalside for new train station


BUFFALO -- The Train Station Selection Committee chose Canalside for the site of the city's new train station over Central Terminal.

Brian Higgins
Following a review of the site selection committee's parameters detailing what the committee wanted the site to have, Canalside came out ahead in points. After a short break, the committee re-convened and voted 10-4 in favor of the Canalside site with one abstention.

Congressman Brian Higgins, long a proponent of the Central Terminal site, vehemently objected to the decision, saying it required "a little more imagination, a little more vision and a lot more guts."

Higgins noted that a public poll supported Central Terminal by a tally of nearly 8-to-1 and reiterated the fact that a Canalside station will not have direct access to approximately 65 percent of the nation.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and State Sen. Tim Kennedy also opposed the majority, as did Connie Moss, retired asst. superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools.

Comments on live streams from local TV stations, as well as the official LiveStream for the meeting seemed to back up Higgins' break down of public support.

More details of the vote and comments from committee members are likely to be released this afternoon. We'll bring them to you when they are.