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TOMMUNIST: Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma selected for downtown Buffalo train station project

The Buffalo Train Selection Committee has voted that downtown should be the location of a new train station, over that of the already existing Central Terminal, and that former Sabres General Manager Tim Murray and former head coach Dan Bylsma will head up the project.

The vote was 11 in favor of downtown, 4 in favor of the Central Terminal, with one abstention by Sabretooth.


Committee member Howard Zemsky, defending his downtown Buffalo vote:
Buffalo has a long tradition of political and financial interests scuttling the best interest of the city and the region. We hope that by choosing downtown and picking Murray and Blysma to head the project we can deliver a one-two punch not only to Buffalo’s eastside but to all of the hopes and dreams of Western New Yorkers who wanted competency in the vision of “the new Buffalo”
Zemsky’s statement was met with a chorus of “Hell Yeah!”  by fellow drones Mayor Byron Brown, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Tom George, Brendan Mehaffy, Steve Stepniak, Luis Rodriquez, Maurice O’Connell, Douglas Funke, Caroline E. Mael, Matt Driscoll, and Eugene Beradi, Jr.

from The Tommunist via IFTTT