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AMHERST TIMES: Meet the Williamsville School Board candidates


Wednesday night was 'meet the candidate night' for those people who were running for the Williamsville School Board. There were 7 candidates and each one had a chance to answer questions from the public.

Each candidate had time to give their credentials and why they wanted to run for the school board.
Most of the answers from the candidates were very similar but if you listened to them express themselves you would note the difference in each one of them.
Only three of these 7 candidates will be elected to the school board on May 16, 2017, at North High School.
  1. Dr. Micheal J. Littman, respond to the questions with clarity and understanding. He knew how the school system runs and what has to be done to get everything we can for our students. He knows the game Washington and Albany play with school money and how we can get our fair share. Listening to him speak I clearly heard and saw the wisdom he processes to find ways to help our students.
  2. Philip Meyer, a town attorney who just became a new father. Mr. Meyer talked with a command of the real problems our school has and what was needed to h solve these problems. He ununderstood problems of bullying, drugs and the other social problems are kids are hurting from.His presence gave me a feeling he could to what he said he would do.
  3. There was a new gentleman, Kurt R. Venator who had a spark and knew what the schools needed and how well they were doing now. He was rather exciting to listen to.  He gave answers to how to solve problems the government throws at our schools. He had a flair similar to late President JFK.
  4. There was the typical grandmother type, Susan D.McClary who spoke with emotion. She had a good grasp of what she like about the Williamsville Shool.  She has a grandchild who's involved in sports in the Williamsville schools which she takes to all his sporting events.
  5. Julie Algubani is on the Board presently.  Her answers were precise and lacked real feeling.  She spoke like a computer with facts and information.
  6. Liam O'Mahony was the most refreshing candidate I heard all night. He had good ideas and delivered them with honest feelings. He knew what was happening in our schools and said he would use all his energy to try to solve these serious problems.
  7. Shonda L. Block, a lady who had a good grip of what our kids need.  She had an excellent insight how to find ways to raise money if the government cuts the amount we are to receive deeper then it had cut. She had a warmth about her which came across to the audience.
The election is May 16, at North High School.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.