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AMHERST TIMES: Resolution of the Ethics Board must be passed


The notables on this list are the two developer non submitters on Imagine Amherst a Planning Board selected subcommittee reworking the zoning code and development process. Without disclosure or refusal these gents have been allowed to actively participate in Imagine Amherst with their clout magnified given poor attendance by other members. They have had substantial input on the recommended zoning (think building height and mass) on land their company owns. The text book definition of a conflict of interest is financial remuneration resulting from an official act. Take a look at meeting minutes and video and decide for yourself if there is the appearance of a conflict here.

But as with all other issues, the buck stops with the town board.

Enforce the law. We are a nation and town of laws. There should be a resolution adopting the recommendation of the Ethics Board and it should pass unanimously at the next town board meeting.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.