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MCKNIGHT: It's time to jump on the Buffalo Bills bandwagon

Spring has sprung, summer is on the horizon, and the Buffalo Bills are out there making serious waves in the football world. Yes, yes, I know -- another messy situation revolving around a Buffalo sports franchise, but stay with me here while we all crowd around to watch the annual sky falling ceremony here in Western New York.

Owner Terry Pegula’s decision to clean house (fire former GM Doug Whaley and send Rex Ryan along with his abysmal coaching staff packing) and start from scratch with some proven “football minds” is one that any fan of the franchise should be able to rally around. New GM Brandon Beane and new head coach Sean McDermott (along with the entourage of coaches and associates that they'll surely bring in tow) have already ceremoniously rode into town guns a’blazing with some big promises and positive soundbytes a’plenty. Personally, I’m hitching my wagon to their big talk because I truly believe that it will lead to the Buffalo Bills finally walking the walk for the first time in a very, VERY long time.

With the opening of NFL training camp still well over two months away, ideally the new pair will have plenty of time to catch up over tea and crumpets while reviewing their current personnel sets and making the appropriate additions or subtractions as needed. Of course, not very many "ideal situations" tend to pan out as far as Buffalo sports are concerned, and yes - that was the understatement of the century. Buffalo isn't exactly known in the sports realm as the underdog city who just might win the big one by any means, so of course there is a lot of work to be done on the horizon. Trust me - there is always more to be done when it comes to Buffalo sports.

So, that being said, will new GM Brandon Beane be the guy to sweep up Doug Whaley's mess and quickly field a winning team? I'm saying yes, and I'm going to personally place all of my chips into his eager hands for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is named Sean McDermott.

Coaches of McDermott's calibre do not land in Buffalo very often, but I truly believe that he was
downright impressed by the talent that is present throughout the Bills' roster and also by the sincerity of the Pegula's dream to field a championship team here in Buffalo. Well, more accurately and at the very least, their dream to field a team that actually makes the playoffs for the first time in seventeen agonizing years. Coach McDermott will now have the added benefit of a familiar face working right along side of him at general manager and the sky is the limit for these two as far as football bromances go.

I believe that there's never been a better time than now to circle the wagons if you're a sports fan in the city of Buffalo. It's slowly but surely becoming more of a serious destination for contenders and less of a "one last chance" destination for players and front office staff alike. Rex and Rob Ryan got their last chance to coach here and it ultimately came at Buffalo's expense. Let's not even mention the lackluster head coaching runs of guys like Chan Gailey or Dick Jauron in years past.

Finally, the Pegulas have buckled down and finally brought in some determined football minds who they believe will bring some glory back to the gridiron at New Era Field.

Media wise, Beane in particular has been everything you would want out of a new leader for the franchise and then some. He seems to be very excited about being in full control of an NFL franchise after some years of being just an assistant GM down in Carolina. It showed during his introductory media day in Orchard Park.

This is the type of nice sentiment that Buffalo fans have heard many, many times before. Have those promises actually been delivered on? You’d be hard pressed to find any Bills fan who will say yes. However, the tandem of Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott brings a much needed feeling of positivity back to the city of Buffalo and it should make any Bills fan want to shout.

These guys actually know football and have the pedigree to prove it.

If you're a current Bills fan, don't be too surprised if you have to scooch over a bit this season to open up a spot on the bandwagon. The future is looking extremely bright if you can finally look past that blasted falling sky.

Cory McKnight covers the Buffalo Bills for All WNY News and pontificates on sports -- and other matters -- three times a week on All WNY Radio. Follow him on Twitter @AllWNYCory or email him at cory.mcknight@allwnyradio.com