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TOMMUNIST: EXCLUSIVE: Why is Cellino Trying To Divorce Barnes? The Answer Will Shock You!

Western New Yorkers were stunned to hear the news that the law firm Cellino and Barnes may be heading for a breakup.  A suit was filed by Ross M. Cellino Wednesday seeking to dissolve the personal injury law firm he had Stephen E. Barnes have been in practice together with for over thirty years.

This power couple have been a hot item for years in the Buffalo area, with their skulls looming large over the highways of Buffalo with their billboards.

A hearing set for May 19th orders the parties to show cause as to why the firm shouldn’t be dissolved.
With speculation running rampant throughout social media as to why Cellino filed the suit, The Tommunist has learned why: Cellino and William “Hurt in a Car?” Mattar have the legal hots for each other, as evidenced by this discovered mockup:

Or 444-8888

Our unnamed legal source calls this “the legal equivalent of Brad Pitt breaking up with Jennifer Aniston to be with Angeline Jolie, and look how that shit turned out.”  Our source expects the battle will include who gets the coveted 888-8888 telephone number and jingle.

The Tommunist will continue to monitor the story as it unfolds.

Originally publishes on The Tommunist. Republished with permission.