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AMHERST TIMES: Amherst Ethics Board dumped by town attorney


On Thursday June 15, the Amherst Town Ethics Board met to hear Robert J. Gilmour's answers to the charges I brought against him concerning what he wrote on his financial disclosure statement.
Mr. Sliwa, the Town Attorney, is the liaison to the Ethics Board.  He stood up often to defend what Mr. Gilmour gave as answers.

Mr. Sliwa's job is to defend the town and its employees, not private citizens such as Mr Gilmour.
Mr. Gilmour is serving his third term on our Planning Board.  The reason he was appointed was that the Town Attorney couldn't find anyone in Amherst who wanted the seat.  This is part of the corruption which is killing our town.

The Ethics Board sent the information from this meeting to the Town Board to decide if there should be a punishment or not.

Our Town Attorney said he will decide this problem.  Considering how actively he was involved in explaining Gilmour's responses I wonder just what Sliwa will decide.

He requested that the Ethics Board be dropped from being listed on Amherst's web page until he decides what do with the information gathered at the last Ethics Board meeting.

There isn't any further date set for the next Ethics Board meeting.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.