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Former reporter seeks spot on Lockport Common Council


LOCKPORT -- Rikki Cason, former reporter for the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, announced her candidacy for 3rd Ward alderman today.

The Common Council hopeful believes she can make a difference to the city and her ward, using her years of experience covering the City of Lockport.

“I have a unique take on our city government as I have witnessed and reported on Lockport for six years,” Cason said. “I watched first hand as the city went through one of the most difficult times in its history. I also watched over the last few years as Lockport once again began heading in a positive direction under the direction of Mayor Anne McCaffrey.”

She said that for her, however, that positivity changed in 2016 with the election of the current Common Council.

“I found myself sitting in council meetings, unable to contain my frustration as a city taxpayer,” Cason said. “I could not sit back any longer and watch petty party politics play into the day-to-day operation of city government.”

Cason said she believes that once a candidate is elected to the Common Council they should put politics aside and come together for the betterment of the city and all of its residents. “This has not happened,” she said.

“I absolutely love Lockport, especially its history involving the Erie Canal,” Cason said. “I want to see this city continue to grow in a positive direction, so it can attract new families and businesses, and offer many opportunities to current residents. I believe I can help achieve that goal.”

Cason has owned her home in the 3rd Ward since 2011. Thanks to her former job as reporter, she received a crash course in all things Lockport, learning about its rich history, strong organizations, great businesses and amazing residents on a daily basis.

If elected, Cason would like to see more of a focus on youth, recognizing a need to bring in more programs and activities. Living in the 3rd Ward, with Outwater Park just down the street from her home, she would also like to “find ways to utilize our amazing parks better and more frequently.”

Along with a continued focus on improving the city’s aging infrastructure, Cason wants to continue to see beautification efforts around the downtown corridor to further attract tourism.

“I first came to Lockport as a tourist more than a decade ago. I can still remember the first time I drove down Main Street and the first time I visited the then-unrestored Flight of Five. Since moving here in 2008, I have seen tourism efforts greatly expanded. Being located just 30 minutes from a destination that brings in millions each year, I want to see more take advantage of what Lockport has to offer, which in turn can create a need for more downtown restaurants, shops and hotels. It will also help create more sales tax revenue and help boost the local economy.”

Cason currently works as marketing and development assistant at the Dale Association and as public relations assistant at the Kenan Center. She is also on the board of directors for Open Arms WNY. Cason received her bachelor’s degree from Missouri Western State University in 2007.

Cason is seeking endorsement from the Republican, Independence and Conservative party lines.

Image courtesy St. Joseph Post