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AMHERST TIMES: Rep. Chris Collins lacks compassion for the people in his Congressional district


Rep. Chris Collins feels secure that he will keep his seat in Congress come the November election. Why shouldn't he? His political district is solid Republican. Most of his voters are similar to him in wealth and social position.

Mr. Collins knows they will vote the party line no matter how inadequate and greedy he has been in Congress.

Collins hasn't done much to help the people in the rural areas he's supposed to serve. He hasn't  put forth any legislation which would help those people in his district.

What I believe is most frightening about Collins is his open disregard for women. When it comes to protecting women's rights he hasn't supported their wishes and will continue to take away the rights they have in the health arena.

His public treatment of women is notorious crude as well as rude. He has embarrassed himself publicly with no regard for women. He treats them with little or no respect.

Mr. Collins found himself some sort of hero for supporting Trump from the beginning in his run for the Presidency.  Collins and Trump are men cut from the same cloth with no belief in honesty to their fellow men. They only believe in the physical pain they can cause anyone who adores them.

Chris Collin must be given a wake-up call and be defeated in November.  He will then know the world around him was totally plastic.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.