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TRICOLI: Our Amherst IDA should say a polite “No” to Bureau Veritas

By Jim Tricoli

Bureau Veritas came to Amherst 18 years ago and has done very well financially.  They started with one building and now have four.  Now they want to expand all of their company buildings into one  97,000-square-foot building at 100 Northpointe Parkway.  Bureau Veritas is headquartered in Paris, France.

An undefined, limited liability company is asking, on behalf of Bureau Veritas, for an additional $306,250 in sales tax breaks, $50,000 in mortgage recording tax breaks and a calculated amount of property tax breaks for the expansion and renovation work.

Bureau Vertias is hungry.  They want $175,000 in sales tax breaks on up to $2 million for new equipment they plan to purchase.

If the members of the Amherst IDA give this company anything it should be a note saying, "You made a great deal of money in Amherst so far.  If we don't bend down to meet your demands you have said you might move to Niagara county or go to Ontario.  It's clear you're going to make rich Amherst people who are helping you get all these tax breaks, richer."

Amherst has already done much for this company and it's time for our IDA to tell them their threats have fallen on deaf ears. Our Amherst IDA should say, "No more.  No more tax breaks."

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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