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Ok, gonna run at this. First off, I am a pretty caring guy and try my best to help anyone who needs it. However, sometimes I get run a little thin. Ya know that old saying nice guys finish last, well that is not always true. Still deciding if that's the case here. Some of the changes going on here are pretty dramatic and they did not come without a lot of thought.. First off I am a brand, a business if you will. I can't simply just give of myself any more and allow myself to be crapped on. Yeah I'm gonna say it.. This year has been personally rough, some of you know what I am talking about. Bottom line, I am that damn good and it is about time I nut up and just call it out. Photography. Despite personal choices and people's opinion's, I think it can be said that I am pretty skilled. I myself consider myself to be the best in the area, considering the oversaturated market of photographers here in WNY. Is it a bold statement, fuck yeah it is. Is it Cocky. Yep. But Kid Rock Said, " it aint braggin Mo Fo if you can back it up".  I can and do.
With that said, People please don't ask me to do things for free. I will decide if it is worth my time to do something charitable. Just like you have the choice to pick your photographer I have choices too.. I always say, I WOULD RATHER BE SOMEONE'S SHOT OF WHISKEY, vs. EVERYONE'S CUP OF TEA.  Laying that on the table, let's just disclose this and be honest about it. My time is precious and it is war I have had to fight for years. I work long hours and do not have much downtime. This year however, I have been going real hard. THis weekend right here was supposed to be a day where I could just relax. That aint happening!  Over the last week, I have been working on a plan. Steps have been taken, and changes have been made to ensure that my long term goals as a photographer have been reached. Let's see if it works.  In today's world you have two ways to reach people. One is word of mouth and the next is the internet. Word of mouth is great, however it does lead to some problems in my world. Talent is talent right, and when you do a good job for a client, it can and does lead to deserved word of mouth business. In my case well not to many people know what I am capable of especially in this demographic. THat's gonna change. Mark these words.   THis is also gonna change, I will no longer allow people to lowball me.  Another big step is image sales. Anyone I work with will have the options to pick a huge selection of photo products right from my web site. Believe me it's a big deal, and yes the product list is huge.  I am also going to start charging a small fee for digital downloads. Hey I have a website to maintain, and all this greatness costs a few bucks, so for anyone pissed off about this, suck it up. It's not like I am making a million dollars here. It's simply enough of fee to maintain my website and bring you the best photography and photographer BAR NONE...
If you wanna know about personality, because it seems to be so huge these days when choosing a photographer... Here it goes. I am driven. You expect me to produce and I will. I am a nice guy but don't have a lot of room for bullshit. I appreciate a good joke, and enjoy seeing you coached into a great image.  My big interest in imagery is simply headshots and sports interests portraits... I do weddings but I don't like to because although everyone can afford a seven hundred dollar cell phone, they can't afford top notch photography. Fuck that, The amount of work that goes into a wedding is time consuming and what is this about anyway? doing shit for free because I am a nice guy. No... Well yeah I am a good guy, but like I said my time is precious and If I am going to give my time it will come at a cost. People can read this and say, what an asshole. I'm good with that. However I do not need to be everyone's friend, to produce the type of imagery I am known to produce. Choices people. We all have them and we all make them.
You want the standard everyday stuff go get it, You want an experience and a frame that will wow the viewer than I am your guy.
Let's talk headshots. THis is the fastest growing type of imagery in photography today. Producing a top notch headshot is a process and it is not as simple as you stepping in front of a camera and having a photographer push the shutter. I have the skills and training needed to produce the images that capture just who the hell you are, and the goal here is to have you leave my crappy little studio saying, holy shit,, I cant believe thats me. This is what I do people, and until you step in and experience it for yourself you can only see what I release on social media channels. I promise you this. You will see your transformation as I capture your first shot and coach you to an epic portrait of just who the hell you really are.
Just saying people, wanna experience it. Book a session. Other wise go for the norm.
As I share thoughts here, I am gonna wrap it, and say, Yes, 2017 has sucked a dead moose's ass. On a bright note. THe events of this year have lead to me stepping my game up, and producing some of my best images to date. All I can say to anyone is want something unique, all you gotta do is contact me. It's that simple people.
Here is a few shots for you to study, and take note, Color, sharpness, expression, emotion, composition. Things that are more important in photography than just say a damn stupid snapshot.
blantonsbourbon-005blantonsbourbon-005 TREVOR-040-2TREVOR-040-2Trevor's Dramatic headshot JALIN MUSTANG PRIDEJALIN MUSTANG PRIDE SARG

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