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SARGENT: 22 Blessed and Scared 2 Death

The link posted here will really be my first public outing since the passing our our son, and although I was asked to do several interviews with local news stations, I declined simply because I could tell my story but who in reality would give a damn. Sure friends and family would, and a few strangers would be supportive, but the general population would simply see this as just another news story.
I could say I found a way to be more productive but that would be a lie. A way found me. Enter  Scared 2 Death. I was contacted by the brains of this program, and lets just say I bought in. My message was best served telling others with problems, like my son, the reality of what the future could hold for them and what the effects of these actions have done to the people who loved them most.
So without a bunch of useless words from a talking head, here is the story on the Scared 2 Death project.

Thanks all for the read.

from MSargentPhoto.com