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I have a bit of a problem. See I want to say something, but I am really trying to be a nicer guy, but no matter how I say it, It won't sound good. So screw it. I will just say it. All the buzz this week is about a large field of Sunflowers located in Sanborn, New York.
Pretty cool I guess, considering we don't see this too often in our neck of the wood. Oh sure you could drive towards Rochester or perhaps along rt.17 towards Binghamton. I know there are massive fields of sunflowers in those areas. Question here, is it really worth the drive to see sunflowers. All depends on who you ask. In reflection, yeah it is kind of nice to see them, they are pretty cool. Big thanks go out to the people who planted a whole field of them. I should have grabbed the name, but I did not. Yes that makes me a bag. Pressing on.
So here is where it gets a little weird for me. I think every damn person in the world has seen a sunflower, and if you have a bird feeder, it is likely that you have had them come up in your yard. On the Photo side. Everyone and I mean everyone is out there with their fucking I phones and digital cameras snapping away. Yeah I did it too, however I think a lot of people missed the "BIG PICTURE" here. So as everyone was taking selfies, and individual shots of specific sunflowers, I was like, holy shit are you kidding me. We have a huge ass field of sunflowers here that a very generous farming family has provided for the public's viewing pleasure, and the majority of imagery being taking of this gift is fucking selfies. Please! Now the few decent ones I have seen were not really decent because of composition it was largely in part to some really good equipment being wasted on people who have no fucking idea to to use that camera. Not to mention the only decent portrait I saw taken with a sunflower was by a friend in photography that I have never met, but he seems cool.
Nice Job! You know who you are... I would mention your name but I didn't ask if you even wanted a shout out. So with all this sunflower fuckery about, I took my big carcass out to Sanborn and gave it a shot. However instead of doing a selfie I did a wide angle panoramic. Sticking to the rule less is more, I suspected that this would show things in a different light. Hell maybe even almost EPIC! What was even more noteworthy on this day was the cloud cover. Maybe no one noticed but it was raining like a bitch earlier today and when things started to clear it was a good time to be next to a sunflower field. THat is exactly where I was. So without going on and on here is my shot.
Sunflowers for SanbornSUNFLOWERS and the PASSING STORMSanborn, Ny
I will tell you another cool story about today. These 2 wonderful ladies asked me if I would be willing to take their photo. I said sure. I think I caught them off guard when I dropped to the ground and shot up on them. However at first I used their camera, and the shot was not all that great. I then used my rig and BOOM! We had a frame. I told the ladies how to find me and I would have their image on my site here. They must have liked it cause sure enough they bought some prints. YEP!!! Good day and another encounter with some wonderful people who was simply enjoying the kindness of some local WNY farmers.
This Print will be available for sale on my website along with some variations and different looks. Hope you enjoy.

from MSargentPhoto.com