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SARGENT: Transformation into portrait awesomeness

I have said this a million times. Being able to watch someone transform in front of your eyes is one of the most amazing experiences you can have as a photographer. Ladies and Gents I give you Hannah. This young lady is simply a wonderful person and having her in front of the lens was an honor. I watched her go from a simple snapshot to a Decca YEAH portrait in just a few minutes.
Something else I have said for years, everyone is beautiful. All to often you hear, well I don't look good in pictures, or did I break your camera?
Look people, it's real simple. It's not you.. It's the photographer, and all to often a photographer will not take the time to get you where you need to be, so the end result is a frame that makes you change your position on your so called, I don't look good in images take.
In the case of Hannah, I did not have to do much work to get her comfortable in front of the lens. She simply came in and had fun.
So far this one has turned out to be my favorite..
She Rocked the shutter. Nice Job Young Lady. STAY AWESOME!!!!!
I give you Hannah.

from MSargentPhoto.com