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AMHERST TIMES: Hopkins for Mensch, Heins for Mensch -- the people will make the right decision


Six degrees of separation is so true.  You may be in line to pay for something in a store in Miami and you discover the cashier is from Amherst and both of you have a cousin in common.  This is what "six degrees of separation" means.

The Mensch Group is suing Amherst. Sean Hopkins is the attorney for the Mensch Group when Westwood is discussed in town hall.  The voice of the attorney representing the Mensch Group in court is Joseph P. Heins of the law firm of Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP.
  • If the name Joseph P. Heins sounds familiar he is the the campaign manager for the Amherst Republican candidates running for the three (3) seats on our Amherst town board.
  • Heins is the person who said he will not let his candidates appear at the Open Government Meeting Candidates Forum on October 12th because this forum is biased.  The truth is that the Open Government group is comprised of people from all the major political parties in Amherst.
  • Mr. Heins' greatest fear concerns the answers his candidates may give in response to questions pertaining to developers and development in Amherst, which he has said he thinks more development is needed to make Amherst like a little metropolis.
  • If these candidates decide not to show up for the Oct. 12th forum it may be their Waterloo.  The public will remember their names when it comes to election day no matter how much money they spend on TV or radio ads. This technique won't work this time.
  • To be seen and answer questions is the only way you can be a formidable candidate.
Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.