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AMHERST TIMES: Town Clerk Marjory Jaeger received huge amount of cash from developers

By James Tricoli

Inner sanctum, Amos and Andy, and The Shadow were shows on radio which people would sit and listen to intently.  There were other great radio shows as well.  Today there are sports broadcasts, various kinds of music, talk show hosts, and hate mongers, among others.  During the political season candidates who have loads of money will flood some radio stations with ads sharing all their great deeds and spewing more than a few half-truths.

In Amherst we have employees like Larry Hunter, a six year employee of the Town Clerk's Office, introducing his boss, Town Clerk Marjory Jaeger, the golfing queen.  She earned this title because she doesn't want to change the Westwood golf course even through the sewer waste runoff and contamination hasn't been touched by the Mensch Boys.  Our Town Clerk knows you don't take from developers without giving something back.

Yes, our air waves will be flooded with statements from candidates with loads of money pitching one thing or another, casting aspersions on their opponents which can't be responded to by opponents who can't afford expensive radio air time.

There is the sincere hope the citizens of Amherst will remember that some candidates received their money from developers while others, like Erin Baker, haven't received one dime from developers.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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