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SARGENT: Logo's and the Life Long Learning Lesson's

For some of us photographer types, this is the slow season. For some of us. Recently I have been posting a bunch of sports images that I have been using my own created clipping masks with. The feedback has been great, so I feel pretty good about that. You wanna know what I don't feel good about? Logo's. That's right, I said Logo's. Here's the thing. Several years ago, I went to a graphic designer and asked him if he could design a logo for me. Roughly 2 weeks later he showed me some designs, and let's just say I was a little disappointed. Back to the drawing board. on a second consult he gave me something I could work with, but, I wasn't really happy. So a few years later, I sat down and started to design my own logo. What I thought was pretty good, well let's just say, I was told it sucked. Honestly, after really thinking about it and studying it, I agreed. Shortcomings that I identified right away is the mere fact that time is a huge enemy, and I really have no experience in graphic design. In short I never took the time to learn photoshop and to this day I still don't use it. Biggest reason here is Photoshop is a fucking nightmare to learn and I really don't have the time it would take to master that whole monster. I'm not gonna give much detail here but I came across some software that was part of a package photographic deal, and after checking this out, I went to the full version. Yes I went with another editing suite, however this one is a lot like photoshop but without all the hassle and time of learning to use the software. Another thing about all this, was the price was right.
In short, I realized that although yes my time is limited, I will use any available time to educate myself on some new tricks.  After doing all this I realized for me, this has always been the way. So in recent weeks these new tricks are all self taught, and when I think about how I got there, well let's just say once i get pissed off, blown off, or just need to do it bad enough, I will always find a way.
I'm new to graphic arts, and design, but this is my first go at it. I'm happy and I will go with. WHAT'S NEXT????
Have a gander, and please share your thoughts.
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In short and summary, I will offer a tidbit from the demented mind of Michael Sargent AKA: Me
Always learn, keep your options open, and figure it out. You will be satisfied with your results despite the fact you hate the path to get there.

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