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AMHERST TIMES: FBI looking into Governor Cuomo’s hiring practices

by James Tricoli

Governor Cuomo is not being investigated by the FBI. His hiring practices are. To beef up his Executive Chamber with high priced talent and charging their salaries to different government agencies is a practice with has been going on since the Rockefeller era. The reason for this action is to build up the Executive Governor's Chamber and yet make it appear to the public that he is keeping the cost of running his office low.

There is evidence being explored by the FBI.  It includes written notifications that are sent by agencies or authorities to the Governor's office informing him of a new hire. The reality is, this new hire will be working for the Governor not the authority or agency that sent the memo.

The FBI wants to know if the Executive Chamber official's job duties have any correlation with the agency or authority actually paying them. It is unclear if any law is broken by this practice.
Two speechwriters are part of Cuomo office group. One of the Governor's speechwriters is being paid $125,000 by the special assistant of the Office of Children's and Family Services, a child protective service agency. The other speechwriter, hired at the same salary $125,000 is being paid by the Affordable Housing Corp, which helps subsidize affordable housing projects. There is a list of 38 more people who were hired for the Governor's office but paid by and charged to other New York State agencies or authorities.

As of today this isn't an illegal practice but is under scrutiny by the FBI.

Governor Cuomo has been making noises like he would like to run for President.

Some of the people hired are honest while others are only out for themselves. Some will extort undo pressure to get certain favors and breaks from the Governor's office in many different areas where they can get financial gains or power.  If our Gov. Cuomo plans to run for President he must clean up any area which might show him in a bad light no matter who they might be.

Governor Cuomo knows who are "clean" and those who are "dirty." No matter what the dirty boys donate to his campaign it will bring him down. This will be hard on him because many of these dirty people are his friends.

Governor, you have a choice.  In your heart you must decide "Country over crooked friends."

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.