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AMHERST TIMES: An open letter to Governor Cuomo

By James Tricoli

File:Andrew Cuomo by Pat Arnow cropped.jpeg
One of my biggest Christmas wishes is for people of  Niagara Falls, N.Y.  This precious town could have been a diamond in the crown of WNY. When money came into this town the people in power ripped it off for their own pleasure and future. Niagara Falls got screwed by the politicians who ran this town and still do.

There is a great need for our government to get into the Falls and truly clean out all the thieves and political hacks who have taken the money meant for Niagara Falls. The Falls need to rid it self of the slum bags who  surround Cuomo. Gov. Cuomo knows who these people are and if he is serious about running for President he must clean up his own state.

Gov. Cuomo must stop giving friends economical breaks. He must  look into a long mirror and decide does he want to be a great President or a part of the Presidential group would wore the  long coat of shame cover with dirt and the smell of a slave to the  money boys who have been destroying this country.

Andrew,  please start being an honest man,trust yourself doing the right thing. Then you will go down in history as a man who gave to the people of this country someone to be proud of again. Merry Christmas and a long and Happy New Year.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.