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UPDATE: All WNY Awards nominations being tallied


The 2017 All WNY Music Awards nominations are currently being tabulated. The final list of nominations should be available within a matter of days.

Local music fans have nominated over 1,000 bands, artists, businesses and organizations in 63 categories designed to highlight the best Western New York has to offer in music.

Once nominations are finalized, voting will be scheduled to begin at AllWNYAwards.com, where they will remain open for two weeks.

Due to time constraints (we're behind schedule just a tad), we will not be holding our typical awards ceremony concert for the 2017 awards, and will instead broadcast a ceremony for majority of our categories with the following exceptions: "Album / EP of the Year," "Best New Band," "Best Live Performance," "Best Music Venue," and "Best Recording Studio" will be announced live at an upcoming All WNY Radio concert with winners from each category being given a trophy made by Bad Penny Chop Shop. Additionally, an "Artist of the Year" trophy winner will be selected by the All WNY Music Awards committee from the first place winners in each of the genre-specific artist/band winners. All categories will still have award certificates as in years past, downloadable from AllWNYAwards.com following the ceremony broadcast, which will be hosted by AllWNYRadio staff and the All WNY Music Awards committee, which is comprised of Greg Burt, Corina DeFabbio, Ashley Hoffman, Joe Kent, and Scott Leffler.

The 2017 All WNY Music Awards are sponsored by Bad Penny Chop Shop. Other sponsorships are available.