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AMHERST TIMES: Let’s drain the swamp in Amherst


One of the phrases our President has uttered that I actually agree with is that we must drain the swamp of the leeches; people who are owned by power groups and those who are incompetent who are given patronages jobs.

Our local government in Amherst has been hit with this cancer of patronages jobs. Patronage jobs given to crooked, dishonest people is the main reason developers call Amherst their "dream town."

People like Robert Gilmour, chairman of the Planning Board, is a perfect example of being a developers baby. Gilmour already served the allotted time on this important board but last year he was switched from another board back to the Planning Board by his dear friend Fran Spoth, so he could control this important board in support of developers.

My stomach turned every time the people of Amherst were voted down by the Planning Board and the decision went to a developer.

Amherst isn't the only Town who gives out patronage jobs to people who are total losers. The King of Patronages jobs is our Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz.  His infamous gift was creating a $102,000 job for his car driver Michael Szukala.  Mr. Szukala was originally given the job title Inspector General of Erie County. The title was changed to Inspector General of Medicaid. This is an important job at the state level not at the local level.

If the powers in Amherst want the engine of our town to start running efficiently, we must release the individuals who hand out useless patronages jobs and those who were the recipients of such patronage.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.