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SO let me lay this out. Some of you may know I host a little program on All WNY news and radio called The Big Picture. Here is the thing with this. It is not always about photography, often times I like to discuss the Bills, politics, my opioid and the ugly project, or just simply talk about my enjoyment in photography. One thing I know for sure. Life has kicked my fucking ass and I say that with no holds bar. Many of you know what my family has been through and the fucked up aftermath of said events. One thing I know. My wife and I did our best, and it is really a shame that interference from outside parties played such a huge part of what I like to call my own pit of misery. With that said, we move forward and endure.
I am sharing with you today the newest creation, well sort of, from my twisted mind and it is a promo vid for the Big Picture. THis Podcast airs on Tuesdays nights at 8pm and is heard on All WNY news and Radio.
It's real, sometimes it's raw, and you can bet your ass it's a ton of fun for me to do. Now only if I spoke better.
Here is the Video. Thought and comments are welcome. Oh yeah I do Guests on the show sometimes too. Contact us if you would like to be part of the program. The audio will be opening this week on the big pic.

That's all I got................ FOR NOW!

from MSargentPhoto.com