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TRICOLI: William James should check for lies before he writes them in the Amherst Bee.

by James Tricoli

William James, a Republican leader in Amherst, and his friend Mark Rivard, spoke out against our Supervisor's new appointment for Chief of Staff, at the first Town Board meeting.

Mr. James followed up his public comments with a letter to the Amherst Bee. The Bee is the Republican voice in Amherst.  On the January 10th Amherst Bee blog site Mr. James' argument was that the new man chosen by the Supervisor isn't eligible for the job because he doesn't live in Amherst.

The law in Amherst is that a new appointee has 60 days to move into Amherst.  Ex-supervisor Dr. Weinstein ignored this law often as he hired department heads who hadn't moved into Amherst for over two years.

So I will call Barry, our ex Supervisor, and tell him William James says he broke the law about having to move into Amherst within 2 months after you're hired.  If you don't you will be dismissed.

By the way, our new Chief of Staff moved in the Village of Williamsville last week.

Jim Tricoli is the editor of amhersttimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.