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VOTE NOW: Who will replace Celery?


The day is fast approaching. On Opening Day 2018, when the Bisons host the Indianapolis Indians on April 12, there will be a WCC race WITHOUT CELERY!
Don't worry... Celery will still be a fixture at Coca-Cola Field, meeting and having fun with the great sports fans of Western New York and Southern Ontario. But, its racing days are over!
So, now is the time for a new WCC Racer to create its own legacy. Who will join Chicken Wing, Atomic Wing and Bleu Cheese in the race that's truly Buffalonian?! We've narrowed it down to 10 finalists, each with their own case to get the big league call into the WCC Race. Voting will run through February 2 with the winner to be unveiled on Opening Day. VOTE BELOW!


BBQ Wing - The first letter in WCC Race does stand for 'wing,' after all. The alternative to having to decide mild-medium-hot for one group, the messy yet always finger-licking good BBQ Wing might just have a place alongside Wing and Atomic!
Beef on Weck - Right up there with chicken wings as the dish that Buffalonians proudly call their own, the Beef on Weck is a legend in its own right. No one is doubting its greatness, but is there room in the WCC Race for two main dishes?
Carrot - The likely replacement for Celery in the role of 'don't feel bad about mowing down 15 chicken wings because you had a couple sticks of a vegetable.' PLUS, Carrot already has some limited WCC Racing experience.
Chicken Finger - Chicken Wings' boneless brother, the Chicken Finger adds some undeniable variations to Buffalo's main dish. On a sandwich, as a sub, or dare we say even on a salad, Chicken Finger could be the utility player the WCC Race needs.
Fish Fry - The start of the baseball and Fish Fry season are just about the same time each year. The Fish Fry also has a claim for being a Western New York Friday night staple, which is something the Bisons also know a lot about.
Pierogi - A stable in Buffalo's long-standing and proud Polish community, the Pierogi also shows impressive versatility as one of our region's food stables. As a main dish or as a side and with many filling options, the Pierogi could be a force in WCC Races.
Pizza - Other cities may claim to have 'great pizza,' but come on, we know better. Plus, it's interesting to note this: Do you say you're going out for 'Pizza and Wings' or "Wings and Pizza' ??? Think about it!
Ranch - Here's the potential for some heated rivalries in the WCC Race as well as on your plate. Does Ranch have a place in the Bleu-Cheese-town of Buffalo?
Sponge Candy - The WCC already has a main course. Is it time that dessert is represented, as well? Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, orange-flavored...Sponge candy is always fantastic and is no doubt a Buffalo-specialty!
Wet Nap - If you have wings, you need a Wet Nap...plain and simple.As the lone non-edible finalist, Wet Nap has the potential to clean up the competition on a nightly basis! Maybe even serve as Wing's kryptonite?