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AMHERST TIMES: One of our town attorneys plans a mysterious announcement on March 21


Jeff Marion, one of our town attorneys, has prepared an announcement which he said will be made public at the March 21st Town Board meeting. He will be speaking for the three town  attorneys. This announcement hasn't been shared with anyone yet,  not even the Town Supervisor, Brian Kulpa.

The top rumor is that all three of our Town Attorneys will resign.  The reason would be that they feel they aren't capable of doing the job Amherst needs done. Amherst need attorneys who are good in municipal law and the in-fighting between them is getting too caustic.

This rumor makes sense and I do understand it is not a calm place to work.

The next big rumor is that they plan to sue the town for harassment by Town Council members.

I believe rumors are just that – rumors. We will find out the truth on March 21st at our Town Board meeting.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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