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AMHERST TIMES: Today is the Day to Take a Stand

By Jim Tricoli

I would like every person who has children, or are guardians of children, to stop for a moment.  Close their eyes and remember when you were a child. How often did you hear of children and teenagers being murdered in their classrooms?

There may have been one or two incidents but now it's just about every week. After the last major shooting Congress passed sanctions against Russia but Trump, the Russian  agent, refused to put them into effect.

After the last massacre where 14 children and 3 adults were murdered, Trump spoke nonchalantly to the people who were suffering from the loss of their loved ones but not one word about stricter gun controls, in fact he never used the word gun.

It's time for local authorities to make our own laws to protect our loved ones. If Congress refuses to make stricter gun laws and more background checks for people who have a record of  mental illness, our local government must make the laws. We may end up going to court to defend these laws but we must stand our ground. We have to  protect our own community from a very corrupt Congress where many members are owned by the National Rifle Association.

Don't let your mind forget for a second those children who were slaughtered.  They just as easily could have been yours. Think how empty your life would be because we failed to do everything we could to protect them from sick or evil people who want the joy of bringing despair and hopelessness to others.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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