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'Solo' Jersey unveiled for Bisons' Star Wars Night


BUFFALO -- The newest Bisons Star Wars Night jersey is here and it's all about the coolest man in the galaxy!
Han Solo is the inspiration for the ninth edition of the team's custom jersey, to be worn by the Bisons on Star Wars Night, presented by Alfred State College, June 2 against the Charlotte Knights (6:05 p.m.).
The 'Solo' Jersey includes the Millennium Falcon on the front as the world's most famous Kessel-running spaceship evades the Death Star and the pursuit of Empire tie fighters. A specially-designed Han Solo silhouette patch is included on the right sleeve, showing the smuggler with his trusted blaster at his side. And while he initially wasn't in it for the revolution, the Alliance Starbird insignia of the rebellion that Han eventually joins is on the back, providing the background for the individual player's numbers.
As tradition, these great-looking jerseys will be worn by the Bisons team during the game and then autographed and auctioned/raffled off to fans to benefit Compass House.

Purchase Raffle Tickets in Advance with 4-Pack Purchase

Now there's even more reason to get your Star Wars Night 4-Packs as soon as possible. Not only do you get locked into an even that sells out every year, 4-Pack purchases now have the ability to pre-buy Solo Jersey raffle tickets. Get even more out of your Star Wars Night by getting your raffle tickets early.
CLICK HERE to order your Star Wars 4-Pack that include four tickets, four hot dogs, four Coca-Colas and one commemorative laser sword for only $79 (SAVE 20%). You can even purchase additional laser swords for only $7.
There are also only 150 Star Wars Super Packs available that include a game ticket, early entrance into the ballpark, and all-you-can-eat buffet and a private meet n' greet with the characters for only $49. CLICK HERE to purchase and take your Star Wars Night experience to a new level!

AUCTION: Bid now to own the First Solo Jersey

Here's your chance to own the very first Bisons' Solo Jersey… and you won't have to share it with Lando!
CLICK HERE to view and bid on a special Bisons.com Auction that includes your very own Solo Jersey. Remember, these jerseys will not be sold, only raffled off during the game on Star Wars Night (and Han is not going to tell you the odds on that). So, this is the only way to ensure you get one of these limited edition jerseys.
Better yet, this Bisons.com Auction also includes the Ceremonial First Pitch at this year's Star Wars Night. Be the one that gets the most anticipated night at the ballpark started by delivering a strike on the mound.
Bidding will end on Sunday, March 4 (9:00 p.m.), so don't wait and get those bids in now.

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