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TRICOLI: Every Person Must Vote Against Any Congressman or Senator in the 2018 Election Who Supports Murder by the NRA

by James Tricoli

Editor of the Amhersttimes.com
Put down your phone! That's what Trump must do. In times of great tragedy Americans need to see and hear from their President.  Tweets don't do it.

In times of great national tragedy Trump offers cold comfort in the form of Tweets. He offered a tweet saying he's sorry about what happened to the children in Florida on Wednesday. He didn't show his face or speak to the parents, friends or other people who loved these victims. Someone close to him should break his fingers so he can't tweet.  Maybe then he might actually talk to the loved ones of those he is partially responsible for killing.

Seventeen children were slaughtered by a man who was known to want to kill certain people in the school.  He completed his violent task. He had a gun, a mind full of hatred and distortions.  He walked into the school and started to kill.

If you take away his gun and let him go into the school with just a mind filled with hatred, he would have killed far fewer kids before he was stopped.

The following scenario hasn't happened but let's just say it did:

One day thousands of parents and friends of murdered children attacked the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.  They came armed with bats, rocks and other weapons but no guns. Idiots in the NRA headquarters building came running out shouting and shooting their rifles. They quickly recognized hundreds of these irate people as some of their own family members. To stop the massacre some NRA members started shooting their own members.

Bullets were flying tearing apart the bodies of children. When will Congress and our President make rules which will limit the power of the NRA?

When the battle was over over 128 people had been killed by the NRA. 30 were children of the NRA members, 15 were teenagers. 290 mothers and women of those children who were murdered were wounded.


Before the above event actually occurs, the NRA, Congress and our President must make stronger rules to make it more difficult to attain a gun or any form of weapon which rips our children into mince meat.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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