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TRICOLI: 'I’m demanding we have a town meeting to discuss protecting our children'


Open Letter to the Amherst Town Board:

I'm calling for a Town Board meeting to discuss how our schools are protecting children who attend school in any of the public or private schools in Amherst. The Amherst police have this knowledge and can bring out points where better protection is needed.

People in our town may have suggestions which have not been put into effect in our schools. They may have ideas which could improve safety for our kids.

In the last 3 school killings there were plans in effect designed to stop any invasion of a killer or killers from entering their schools and shred the children apart.

We must not let this happen here.  I'm calling for a Town meeting to find more safeguards to protect our children.

It is time to prepare for the possibility of a person or persons who feel the need to kill our kids for so many different reasons.

This meeting should be held as soon as possible. Every day we wait is one day closer to a possible tragedy.

-- James Tricoli

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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