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TRICOLI: Say 'no' to Trump parade

By Jim Tricoli

The massive military parades of China, Russia, and Korea is to show their weapons which will destroy the world we live in. When the atomic bomb was invented and used the world now had the power to destroy the whole world.

Our world felt safe our homes,families, ,and way of life were secure then the A Bomb ,H bomb and even more powerful ways to destroy our earth were developed.

Trump's stupidity and threading words have made us target from many countries with  nuclear weapons. How better to show your power then by having a parade to show the world part of your arsenal. Every America must never forget these monsters of history STALIN, HITLER, MUSSOLINI, TOJO. They had parades before killing over 40 million human beings. If we give in to madman Trump his name  will  be added to the wall of monsters of our ending world.

Anyone who agrees with this madman enjoy his parade as you pray for GOD to save us from his madness.  Just look at his history since he been President he acts more like a dictator then a President. He is sick with power and must be stopped now by the rules which are in our Constitution. All dictators had parades before they went to war.

The world is a fragile place we don't need a President who doesn't understand this.

The people of America should do all they can to stop his madness.

Jim Tricoli is editor of amhersttimes.com.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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