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Red Wings to extend fan safety netting


ROCHESTER -- The Rochester Red Wings have announced plans to expand and enhance fan safety netting at Frontier Field for the 2018 season.

Major League Baseball recommended that netting be extended to the ends of each dugout to keep fans safe from batted balls, bats and other equipment leaving the playing field. During the 2018 season all Major League Baseball ballparks will have netting which extends to at least the end of each dugout and most Minor League facilities will have this as well.
"With the recommendation of MLB in mind, the Red Wings will install additional netting to protect those seats behind each dugout," General Manager Dan Mason said. "Fan safety remains a priority with the Wings and the new netting will meet all recommendations from the Commissioner's Office. We worked with our partners at Monroe County to develop the best possible solution to MLB's request. The new netting will be similar to our current backstop which provides much better visibility than what we had prior to 2016. We are working with Monroe County to hopefully have the new netting installed prior to our third homestand which begins on Thursday, May 3."
The new fan safety netting at Frontier Field will run approximately 15 feet high and 90 feet long along each dugout, from section 105-110 on the first base side and 122-127 on the third base side. Netting will be at the front of each dugout closest to the playing field. The material will have knotless intersections like the current net.
Original netting at Frontier Field remained up until just before the 2016 season when MLB and Minor League Baseball recommended ballparks expand fan safety netting to include all sections within 70 feet of home plate. The original net was taken down and a new backstop was installed from the front of section 110 to the front of 122 with state-of-the-art materials that provides better visibility than the original.

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