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Robinson set for NT School Board run


NORTH TONAWANDA -- Erica Robinson announced her candidacy for the North Tonawanda School Board on Wednesday. As a lifelong resident of North Tonawanda and graduate of Niagara University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Robinson believes she can bring an academic approach combined with a local and homegrown perspective to the board.

"First and foremost, I want to make sure our students and faculty are safe," said Robinson. "As a mother-to-be, I don't want to worry about my child's safety when sending them to school and no parent should have to harbor that fear. We must begin to work with our local, state, and federal officials to seek funding and measures to ensure our children's safety at school."
Along with increased security infrastructure measures, including additional cameras as planned in the ongoing Capital Project, Robinson feels the approach to school safety should be a more direct and personal one. She pointed to the need to increase anti-bullying measures and focus on mental health awareness.
"The focus needs to be on identifying and helping those children who may be suffering. Time after time, we see that perpetrators of violent school shootings displayed warning signs of mental illness, yet nothing was done. With the state's assistance, funding can help bolster our schools health services and ensure we are as active as possible in preventing one of these tragic events from taking place in our schools."
Finally, Erica Robinson believes children need to become the focus of education once again. "What exactly do our children need to know in order to succeed? What resources do our teachers need to give these students the best chance at success? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, and as a school board, it is solely our responsibility to provide our students with the latest tools and education available to prepare them for the future."
Robinson's skills include personal and professional finance, as well as volunteer service at the Child Advocacy Center. She promises to bring energy and passion to one of the three school board seats open in the May elections.

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