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TMR: Voidthrone to release sophomore LP “Kur” in May


Voidthrone is a dissonant blackened death metal band that is geared up to release its second album on May 4th.  A short album preview was just released for your listening pleasure.  Upon listening I'm very intrigued being into dissonance and creepiness I think this will be a very fun and moody album.

The band is hoping to top their debut "Spiritual War Tactics" and gain serious ground with "Kur".  There should be a full track ready in a few weeks, hopefully.

Kur Tracklisting
1. Modern Hellfire
2. Kur
3. Phantasm Epoch
4. Their Recursive Communion

Voidthrone is:
Ronald Foodsack (ex-Obnoxious) – Guitar, Phin (Thai stringed instrument)
Mac Boyd (ex-Dad Jazz) – Guitar
Joshua Keifer (ex-A Flourishing Scourge) – Drums
Austin Schmalz (Phorusrhacidae, ex-Topless Pit) – Bass
Zhenya Frolov (MCMJ) – Vocals

Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.

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