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AMHERST TIMES: Zellner is supporting Angel Marinucci for Erie County Clerk against Mickey Kearns


Political Commentary:

Jeremy J. Zellner, a name not well known to most people in Erie County, has a strong personal distaste for honest politicians who won't follow his orders. In this case it's Mickey Kearns who is a staunch Democrat, who ran on the Republican line for an office because Zellner wouldn't support him.

Zellner is the Erie County Democratic Chairman.  He is the one who decides who will or won't run for office. His choices are usually people who are loyal to him. Anyone who is not can twist in the wind.

Zellner's nick name, "Junior," which he earned by closely following the directions of state political bosses, is very appropriate.  Jeremy Zellner isn't the sharpest nail in the box. His mind is only capable of believing  greed and power will bring him happiness and fame instead of understanding.  At the end the road for people like him who had a chance of doing so much good but failed, there is only loneliness and resentment.

Now he's thinking of throwing an inexperienced lady attorney, Angela Marinucci, under the bus  He will have her challenge Mickey Kearns for County Clerk.

The Marinucci name is very well known in Erie County.  That fact alone will bring large sums of money into the Democratic coffers which is why he will support Angela Marinucci.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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