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TMR: Voidthrone release “Kur” music video

Voidthrone band photo_previewTECHNICAL MUSIC REVIEW

I previously mentioned these guys not too long ago.  Now, we finally have a full length track and not an album preview to listen to! It's extremely captivating and very interesting……the dissonance adds such unique flavor to an already unusual and original sound Voidthrone is going for.
The band is exactly what music needs more of.  Not another rock or metal band that tries to strive to be original but in the end is just another generic band. Voidthrone has such a unique sound they sound like nobody in recent memory.

Kur is set to be released on May 4th which is only a few weeks away……get your preorders in while they're available.

Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.

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