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AMHERST TIMES: Erie County Water Authority to be totally cleaned up from past practices


AMHERST, N.Y. -- The history of the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) is that it has been a place where political bosses dumped stooges who had been loyal to their party. This is how Jerome Schad was placed on the Board by Erie County Democratic Chairman, Jeremy Zellner, in 2015.

Zellner was well aware that Mr. Schad had no qualifications to be on this Board. The ECWA has committed several crimes disguised has things that were "needed."

It is of the upmost importance that the Board remove Jerome Schad, who is their Chairman. He is the last clog of the old school political appointees. Jerome can then devote his time to his other jobs as a lawyer and the Chairman of the Amherst Democratic Committee, who under his leadership has charged dues of its members. The word dues has been changed to "donations."
The problems at the ECWA can partly be solved if it were run by the government with strict rules of transparency and the hiring of people who are actually qualified and capable.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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