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AMHERST TIMES: Phony Medicare scam circulating in Amherst


Image result for photos of phone scamsAMHERST, N.Y. -- Anyone who is on Medicare and receives a call from someone saying they are from "Medicare" concerning you and telling you that you are "eligible for a free pain relieving back, neck, & knee or wrist brace" should know:  this is a scam.

In no way should you give them any information about yourself.  If you receive a postcard concerning these kind of braces it is not from Medicare. It's part of the ruthless scam these people employ to get information about you to sell to other scammers or to get you to spend your money for their phony scam products.

James Tricoli
Editor of the amhersttimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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