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AMHERST TIMES: "Senior Wishes" program is seeking seniors to assist


AMHERST, N.Y. -- Alvera received her first massage at age 100.  Florence, a long-time kitchen worker, toured the kitchen and dined at Russell’s.  Jim, a Korean War Veteran, attended a BPO concert for the first time since eighth grade, and Annie celebrated her heritage at the Gullah Festival in South Carolina.  Senior Wishes, WNY’s only program dedicated to enriching the lives of deserving seniors by granting meaningful wishes, is continually on the lookout for more seniors to assist. 

According to Wendy Miller Backman, Senior Wishes Executive Director, “Senior Wishes was created to recognize that our aging seniors still have things they want to do, places they want to go, or people they want to see.  We transform those dreams into a reality.”

The organization will be granting its 150th wish this summer, and strives to grant more wishes to seniors in 2018.  Wish request can be big or small.  In addition to very special outings, many seniors have received items such as:  a new sewing machine; a new tape deck to DJ parties; and small household items or craft/hobby supplies.

Wish recipients must meet the following requirements: Age 65+ and a resident of Erie or Niagara County with an annual income $38,000 or less for a household of one or $44,000 or less for a household of two or a permanent resident of a care facility; cognitively, emotionally and physically capable of communicating and experiencing the wish; and unable to fulfill the wish on their own.

To learn how to apply for a wish, visit www.seniorwishes.org or call Wendy at 716-508-2121.

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