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AMHERST TIMES: Term limits must be adhered to or people become sloppy and dictatorial


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Gilmour should have been gone last year. Rumor has it that Spoth saved his bacon. Why?

Guiliani should have been gone the end of last year. Who is saving his bacon and why? Kulpa should know better. He is supposedly representing a shift to protecting the people, rather than protecting the town money grubbers and their assisting toadies.I had reason to watch and listen to the video of the last Planning Board meeting, May 17th. There was an open mike (at approximately, 1:07) where Mr. Guiliani was heard saying "I hate the guy," referring to a town resident expressing his concerns about a matter during a free speech segment. Nothing more needs to be said. It simply verifies the contempt that some people have for Amherst citizens. Most disturbing is the fact that Guiliani felt comfortable uttering these words in the company of the whole board.It smells to high heaven like what one might expect from a "swamp." Whoever the ring leaders are on this board or in the department, should leave. The incident does nothing to improve a diminishing trust factor from the governed.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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