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Local artist, Josh Flanigan, cooks up the chicken wing for 'Buffalo Wings' design


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The first order of Buffalo Wings Baseball is set to be served at the ballpark. Donning their new red and orange look, the Buffalo Wings will host the Rochester Plates, June 14-17 at Coca-Cola Field, in a delicious match-up between rivals on the diamond, and now on the dinner plate.

But if you're cooking up a matchup that will be as hotly debated as this one is sure to be, you have to make sure you have the right ingredients.

Now, who knows what's really thrown into the so-called garbage plates Buffalo will be up against? In this case, simpler is most definitely better… and a great meal starts with one great ingredient.

For the Buffalo Wings, and the new logo and cap design they will bring to the field for the first time on June 14, that meant a great looking chicken wing. And to get the look just right, where else would you look than an artist from right here in Western New York?

The Bisons turned to graphic designer and WNY native Josh Flanigan for the chicken wing that would serve as the basis for the new Buffalo Wings' logo. Flanigan was an easy choice for the Bisons since he has a distinct Buffalo-theme to a lot of the artwork he produces.

And there's nothing more Buffalo than the chicken wing, which of course was invented and dare we say perfected right here in Western New York. So, with that sort of historical presence, getting the design of the chicken wing used for Buffalo Wings Baseball had to be just right.

"You'd think it would be easy, designing a wing," says Flanigan. "But the color, dimensions, and shading have to all come together, or it just doesn't work. That's what I value about this collaboration. The Bisons' in-house team blended my wing with the right elements, and the result is fantastic."

Flanigan has been producing digital images for over a decade and his work can regularly be seen in many WNY publications. Now, in a few short days, the canvas for his latest design will be a baseball jersey.

"I am very proud to be a part of this team effort," says Flanigan. "Celebrating our local culture, while using local talent, is what living in Buffalo is all about. I am looking forward to seeing the fans don the wing to boost our home team."

Armed with Flanigan's chicken wing, the Bisons and graphic designer Michele Lange went to work completing the Buffalo Wings' new look. Lange, who joined the Bisons just last season, incorporated bleu cheese -the only acceptable compliment to wings- through the lettering and a celery stalk under the wing. Rather than a plate, the wing, blue cheese and celery were put on a red diamond to give the logo a baseball feel.

"It was definitely a lot of fun working on this project and incorporating all of ideas and creativity of Josh Flanigan and the Bisons promotional team," said Lange. "It's great to see all the amazing feedback we've gotten and I think Bisons fans are going to really enjoy the look once the 'Buffalo Wings' take the field for the first time."

As far as actual chicken wings go, there's a lot to be debated; Drum vs. Flat, bleu cheese or not, and just how hot are you really supposed to make them. For the artist behind this chicken wing, his order is simple.

"I like my wings medium, because that means they are bright orange," says Flanigan. "Mixed with the cooler colors of bleu cheese and celery…that's a winning design."

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