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TRICOLI: Why I keep harping about what needs done and undone in Amherst

By Jim Tricoli

When I write an article it's because I strongly believe the topic I'm writing about. There are people who disagree with my stand on certain topics or people while others agree with whatever I have written.

I've seen enough corruption and party patronage in the last 25 years which I think the public needs to be informed about. People need to be kept in the loop. No citizen deserves to be left out.

I have been to nearly all the Town Board meetings for the the last 26 years. In those years I've been to our Planning Board and ZBA meetings and have witnessed these boards giving away our precious land to developers without any of the board members listening to the voices of the people. There has been little to no respect given to the people's voice to stop destroying GOD'S gift of the beauty of nature. Amherst was blessed with beautiful trees, green lands, water ways and special places to find silence to clear your mind.

When I speak at Town Board meetings about subjects I truly believe will be hurtful to our Town, I feel I am doing my best by speaking out.  If more people spoke up about what needs to be corrected in Amherst, changes to the good would happen much faster.

If you ever attend a Town Board evening session you know you sit there and listen to over 100 items on the agenda concerning how your taxpayer money is being spent. These items are never discussed at the meeting because the Town Board members put them on a Consent Agenda in the afternoon work session. This means these 100 items will not be explained to the people in attendance at the evening meeting.  Why?  The Town Board doesn't want to have a longer meeting then they must.  By putting items on the Consent Agenda they merely have to read them off, not go into any detail, and then Pass them in one fell swoop!

I have spoken and written on my belief about the term limits which Amherst has on record.  They should be strictly enforced. Without term limits the same people serve for years and years. Recent articles have been about a member on the Planning Board, Dal Guilaini, whose term on the Planning Board expired 1/1/18.  He is STILL on that Board!

Anyone on the Town Board can appoint a new member to replace him. This is the way it's been since term limits have been part of our Town's Code.  The reason he continues to serve is unclear.  He has given various explanations so he continues to serve.

In all the years I been writing it has been for the benefit of the people of Amherst. My goal is to keep Amherst a great place to live, play, go to great schools and enjoy life. In trying to keep Amherst healthy I have earned the disdain of several party bosses like Jerry Schad, who has used underhanded ways to stop me from being a representative for my neighborhood.  He would come in our neighborhood to collect signatures and influence people not to vote for me as the neighborhood representative.

I will continue to use my voice to improve our town.  My goal is simply to ensure that Amherst continues to offer people the best possible town to live in.

Jim Tricoli is the editor of AmherstTimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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