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AMHERST TIMES: Editorial: Concerning the hotel which is going to be built next to our hockey complex

by James Tricoli

When I first heard Uniland was going to build a hotel next to our hockey complex I was for the idea.  When I discovered the contract between the Town of Amherst and Uniland was signed by our Deputy Supervisor Stephen Sanders instead of Supervisor Weinstein, I wanted to know why the Supervisor gave permission to Mr. Sanders to sign this contact. I contacted Dr. Weinstein. He said he never gave Mr. Sanders the right to sign this contact.

I still support the building of a hotel next to the Amherst hockey complex.  I believe the contract was signed by a person who didn't have the authority. I checked with two qualified attorneys who said that, after studying the facts, that the contract was invalid. They advised me to speak with the Attorney General or the State Comptroller before I take action to bring charges against Deputy Supervisor Sanders.

I have no intention of bringing action against the Town because three Board members of the past Town Board were involved in this sweetheart deal they gave Uniland. I couldn't find any evidence Uniland worked with these three Town Board members.

Our present Amherst Supervisor, Brian Kulpa, has stated to the AIDA Executive Director, David S. Mingoia, that he would work with Uniland on a new contact. He told Mr. Mingoia this before the Amherst IDA voted to give Uniland the 1.2 million dollar tax abatement.

Supervisor Kulpa is a certified architect, which makes him qualified to work with the Uniland Group.

James Tricoli is editor or AmherstTimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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